moderated Re: Using JAWS to create a label for a button on a web site, which has no text label

Udo Egner-Walter

Hi all,

I did my best to describe the process of making this site accessible with domain-specific scripting. You can find all files hiere:

The folder contains these files. 

A quick installation guide if you want to use the scripts only.
The key map file with the hot keys. I used: 
Alt+I, Infos for domain-specific scripting
Shift+Alt+RightArrow, louder volume
Shift+Alt+S, Player Pause
Shift+Alt+P, Player Play
Shift+Alt+LeftArrow, less volume
The binary script file for JAWS 2021. If this won't run, you can compile the source code again as described in ReadMe.txt.
The script source file I used.
Instructions how to make domain-specific scripts with as example. 

Use the scripts and instructions at your own risk. 

Please let me know if something is missing or wrong. 

Happy scripting 

Am 09.03.2021 um 22:55 schrieb Marty Hutchings <mhutchings152730@...>:

Yes, the scripts would be nice.  Thanks.
Love in Christ
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