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Glenn / Lenny

Thanks, I was just trying to remember that thread from the recent past.

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Hi, Glenn. FN plus ESCAPE does not turn off the touch pad. On Dell computers, FN plus ESCAPE turns off function keys as Media or Hot keys.


Bill White




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Do you mean the touch pad?

I think someone wrote in that on one brand, they used FN + Escape to turn it off.

Otherwise, you can go to control panel and disable it there too.




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Subject: A question for HP laptop users


Hi all,


Is there a shortcut key to disable the mouse on an HP laptop? My particular laptop is HP ProBook 640 G4.


On Toshiba laptops I used To press the Fn key + f9 to toggle the mouse on and off. My HP Pro doesn’t seem to have this function and the HP help desk in Australia hasn’t been of much use either. They advised me to double press quickly at the bottom left every time I turn the laptop on but that seems to be hit and miss.


Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


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