moderated Re: Putting an app on my desktop with Jaws?

Maria Reyes

Hi, So I pressed windows R and typed
shell: appsfolder and pressed enter.
I got windows cannot find shell: appsfolder. make sure you're typing the correct name? did I write it wrong?

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On Mar 8, 2021, at 2:34 AM, Bill White <> wrote:

´╗┐Hi again, Maria. I wish to edit my previous message to you, as I left out a
couple of steps that seem simple to me, but could cause you confusion.

1. Press Windows key plus R for the Run dialog.
2. Type the following into the dialog box,


3. Once the AppsFolder opens, use first letter navigation to navigate to the
program you want to put on the desktop.
4. Press either the Applications menu key, or press SHIFT plus F10.
5. Arrow down to Create Shortcut, and press ENTER.
6. When Windows tells you that Windows can't create a shortcut here, and
asks if you want to put the shortcut on the desktop, answer Yes, or press
7. Once you answer Yes, close the AppsFolder with ALT plus F4.
8. Now the program will have a shortcut on the desktop.

Bill White

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How do I put Outlook onto my desktop? To open it I just hit my windows key
for the start menu and just type in Outlook and press enter to open, but how
do I put it on my desktop? I'm using Jaws 2019.

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