moderated Re: Remind me how to read DMW Notifications


On Mon, Mar 8, 2021 at 11:53 AM, Bill White wrote:
I find that, unless I specifically press ENTER on the option to move a notification to Action Center, it never shows up there.
There are "trivial" notifications that are time constrained that don't go there.  Hence the reason I purposely did not say, all.

But it should still be the vast majority.  I even have the messages that come up from Google Voice that show up from Vivaldi, Chrome, or Firefox when a text comes in, and the like, land in the Action Center.  As I was typing this my sister just texted, the notification came up, and when I hit WinKey+A it's in the Action Center.

I have never made any specific list of the notifications that don't land there.  They're the minority, that's for sure, or at least the minority of notifications I receive.

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