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Hi Barbara Anne, We use RSASecurIDToken a software solution to the little device everyone else uses. It is industry standered security.
Once the software is installed on your machine you simply launch the application, put in a four digit pin and hit enter. The token is generated for you and you simply cut and paste into the appropriate field and you are good to go.

Tom Bisset

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Hello List Friends,

My company is being directed by the government entity for which we
have a long term contract to use VPN with tokens. With my last employer, we
used a VPN SoftId solution. SoftId uses VPN without a token by displaying a
graphical set of numbers on the computer screen. A coworker then wrote a
macro/script to cut and paste the graphic into the Pass code. Then the
verification was performed with no problems.
My company in their infinite wisdom will not even investigate this solution.
Before I raise this to a legal level, can any of you provide any
information? I cannot imagine the government requiring a solution that is
not able to be 508 Compliant.
If you have any experience with using VPN, in an environment that uses
tokens, will you please contact me off list at
Barbara Anne

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