moderated Re: Remind me how to read DMW Notifications


what are DMW notifications?

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Date: Monday, March 8, 2021, 11:02 AM
Subject: Remind me how to read DMW Notifications
Read DMW notifications with the keystroke,

SHIFT plus WINDOWS Key plus V, in other words, press SHIFT plus WINDOWS
Key, keep them held down, and press V. To allow yourself more time to
read the notification,

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Navigate to, and open Ease of Access Center.

3. Navigate to, and open, Use the computer without a display.‑

4. TAB to, and open, How long should Windows notification dialog boxes
stay open?

5. Choose a value longer than the default. I chose 30 seconds.

Bill White <>

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*Subject:* Remind me how to read DMW Notifications

I keep getting this notification but can’t seem to read it—probably
forgot how. Thanks.



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