moderated Re: Jaws 2021 incorrect serial number

David Diamond

I’m wondering if Jeff has installed it on too many computers?  Myself when I’ve exceeded the allowable 3 computers, if trying to install it on a 4th it installs just stays in the 40 minute mode.  Just a thought. Regardless he will have to wait till later on today to contact FS.   


From: <> On Behalf Of Edward Green
Sent: March 7, 2021 11:06 PM
Subject: Re: Jaws 2021 incorrect serial number


Hi Jeff,

I’m assuming you’re authorized to run JAWS 2021 as it's a paid upgrade …

Do you have your 20-character authorization number? if so, go into the JAWS help menu and choose Update authorization and enter the 20-character dumber when asked, then follow the prompts.



On 7 March 2021 22:45:24 "Audiobookfan" <listening4it@...> wrote:

I just installed Jaws 2021 but it won't activate properly because it's
using an incorrect serial number. Activation says it completes
successfully, but it still continues to run in 40 minute mode. I cannot
find where to correct the serial number. How do I fix this?



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