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Hi Lisa,

Do you find these balloons visually or is there some way to jump to them?
And thanks for the tip on how to make them stay open for more time, that
sure is handy.

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Hi Ted,
In Windows 7 it's under "Ease of Access". Type Ease of Access in to the
search box in the start prompt. In the Ease of Access Center go to "Make it
easier to focus on tasks" and hit enter.
Near the end of the options that come up is a setting to adjust the time
that those balloons stay on screen.
I adjusted mine to 1 minute which gives me enough time to find them and
click on them.

Lisa Larges
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Anybody remember how to handle those little message balloons? I've been
going through old What's New files trying to find the tip with no luck.
Those little suckers always get away before I can find them, let alone


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