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On Sun, Mar 7, 2021 at 12:31 PM, Vaughn Brown wrote:
It is strictly the assumption that there must be a sighted person available to whom they can speak, without even trying to explain how to do something.
And your belief that this is the case is, quite simply, wrong.  Period, end of sentence.  I will repeat here what I wrote to you privately, because I did write it, and the point is not in any meaningful sense private:

. . . you really don't seem to get, at all, that while what you'd like in terms of technical support is admirable, it really is, your concerns are not the only ones.  People who work these jobs are not there to educate you, period.  If you do learn something that's great, and it often happens, but they are not there with the primary goal of teaching you, or anyone, anything.  They are there to fix problems.  They're cyber mechanics.  Or cyber doctors. Or cyber plumbers.  We do not expect these other service providers to teach the person engaging their services, and expecting that as part and parcel of tech support, any tech support, is unrealistic.  It's a bonus if and when it happens.
         I'm simply not buying into your assertion, and that's what it is, that any request related to the availability of a sighted assistant is, by definition, insulting.  You have been given multiple instances, and not just by me, that this is not true.  You can insist that it is, and I will refuse to indulge it.

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