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On Sun, Mar 7, 2021 at 11:22 AM, David Diamond wrote:
I think there are a lot of techs  who can’t think outside the box. If it’s not written down they’ve got no clue.
Absolutely.  And it isn't just support techs.

But it really does amaze me that there are certain people who remain in the business for years, yet never develop the ability to move beyond the walls of that box.  One of the things that separates a great technician from the rest is to take the sum of their work history and use that to make great leaps when the opportunity presents itself.  You should be able to get a "Spidey Sense" about what's going on even with incomplete, and possibly partially incorrect, information and explore that immediately rather than spending ungodly amounts of time stepping someone through "the script."  A great many never can.

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