Moderated Re: Jaws isn't able to retain my Jaws 2021 settings.

Albert Cutolo

Good morning Milton and Richard,

I’m supposed to be running Jaws 2021 on my laptop computer along with windows 10. When the last two updates came along, Like the one the was posted on January 19th, and the last update that was posted on February,  I installed them by going too the check for updates and installed them in the normal way.  Now, when I go to my desktop and enter on one of my Icons like outlook, or any of the others that are on their, it doesn’t say too edit the selected item, press f2.  Second,  Their’s no voice assistant that’s supposed to come up when I press the insert or jaws key the alt key and the spacebar, which is supposed too automatically bringup the voice assistant.  Third, when I go too where it says Jaws home manual and go to the utilities menu and arrow down to the settings senter,and arrow down to where it says, users, and then open it with the right arrow too open it, their’s no item there for me to enable a setting for me to enable voice assistant. The first item that comes up in   the users section says, progress messages  anouncement five second intervols. The next item says,      typing echo caracters.  Well, I thin you’ll get the picture. 


I don’t want too keep calling them and have them think that I’m some kind of nut who justwants attention.      

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Hello Albert,


It would be very helpful if you were to give us more detailed description of your problem by telling us if you are using the most recent update of JAWS, if you are running Windows 10 and what did tech support at Vispero/Freedom Scientific do to fix the problem.


Doing this will keep the clutter and flood of e-mail messages going back and forth to try and help.



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