moderated Re: Working with people at disability help desk



Something weird is going on with your email.  This last message on-group, like your private message to me, is not only bottom posted beneath the quotation of multiple messages, but is in white text on white background.  I doubt very much that either is by intent.

This is likely far less an issue to a screen reader user, since a screen reader cares not one whit about foreground and background colors, but since I know we have a couple of regulars who are visually impaired, rather than totally blind, I am going to quote what you had in your last message directly below:

When speech output was relatively new, I worked as a systems analyst at a local utility company. The VP of that department, I suspect hired me just for the excuse of buying a talking IBM terminal. I was expected to be prepared, without notice, to make it read the pledge of allegiance to anyone he brought to my office. They did not like it as much if I turned off the screen.


We must educate society, and insist on full inclusion. What really gets to me is the seeming assumption that I have to have a sighted person readily available, and that if that is the case I would not have already asked for their assistance if eyes would solve the problem. I need to know how to solve issues, by myself, for future problems of that nature.


Amazon Kindle tech support should know, for instance, how one turns speech output on/off. Two years ago, they insisted that I had to have "sighted assistance" which, of course, is untrue. I went round and round with them for over an hour before figuring it out for myself.

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