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My response had to do with text. I do understand the overall frustrations with language proficiency (pronunciation, for example), but to use a phrase that can impact some groups negatively is a cause of concern, especially a phrase that impacts me personally. I do know that we screen reader users are sensitive to audio and linguistic stimuli, especially when we talk to other people (including the crux of this thread). In retrospect, I believe the phrase in question, combined with my worries due to rise in anti-Asian sentiment during the pandemic led to my reaction this morning (apologies).



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Well said, Brian.


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I'm sorry, Joseph, but the complaint is not entirely without merit.

I have nothing against non-US-technical support, but regardless of what offshore tech support is being used by a company, there needs to be some very careful vetting with regard to proficiency with the language of the country being supported.  That has been, on more than one occasion, sadly lacking.  And that is a problem, whether you care for anyone to express it or not.  And there's nothing anti-anything about noting that fact.  People put in a position to do a given job should be able to do it for the target audience.  Those who can't are often pushed there through no fault of their own, but that doesn't matter one whit to the person on the other end of the phone.

There is a reason that some companies are now using, in my case, "US Based Support," as a selling point.  And it's precisely because of the issues I've identified above, and that may have been inelegantly expressed earlier by Mich.

I don't think it's necessarily xenophobic, as much as pure frustration, at the root of these sorts of complaints.  I also imagine they occur in any country you can name where offshore technical support is in wide use.  I've had plenty of calls with T-Mobile support where the person assisting me was perfectly lovely and polite, but where it was clear they did not understand clearly what I as asking and I did not understand clearly what they were saying.  I'm not being xenophobic (as I have no idea of exactly where these individuals are operating from, and I have no problem with immigrants, period) but I am frustrated when that occurs.  And that's the fault of the company, not the tech.

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