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On Sat, Mar 6, 2021 at 04:09 PM, Dan Longmore wrote:
as a blind person, I will always need assistance in one form or another.
You could cut that "blind" out of that sentence and it remains equally true.  None of us gets through this life without constant need of assistance of one form or another.  The form differs, and sometimes the amount differs, but we all need assistance, and the wise seek it out when they do.

There is a difference between trying to figure something out, and realizing you've reached the stage of throwing good effort after bad, and never lifting a finger and being truly dependent.  Frustrating oneself for hours or days rather than asking someone else who may know what it is you need is not independence, it's stupidity, and that's regardless of visual status.  And if we're talking about an employment setting, that sort of bullheadedness can get you fired.  It's about getting the work done with collaboration/assistance as needed.  Of course, constantly seeking out help before trying anything independently will get you fired, too (and make you very unpopular with your coworkers).

Life is about finding balance.

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