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On Sat, Mar 6, 2021 at 02:35 PM, Cristóbal wrote:
We often lose perspective on the greater picture
And that, right there, is the very crux of the matter.

And not just the blind/VI part, but that the folks you engage for assistance actually have expectations placed on them that have nothing to do, directly, with helping you and that are often pushing them to dispose of you and your problem with maximum possible dispatch.  That's actually a core part of the job of virtually anyone who works telephones for any purpose.  I'd imagine that the email support from Freedom Scientific also has metrics regarding how many responses they can get out and how quickly they handle the email queue.

For any one of us, no matter what our personal circumstances, it's not all about me, me, me.   I have used this quotation in rotation for my signature on more than one occasion:

It is well to remember that the entire universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others.

         ~ John Andrew Holmes

And all those others have needs and goals that must be balanced against yours, and that are sometimes diametrically opposed to yours.  That's the big picture.

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One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.

           ~ André Gide

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