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On Sat, Mar 6, 2021 at 01:44 PM, Marianne Denning wrote:
If I need them to do all of this visually that is certainly job security for them.
As an aside, and there are members here who can attest to this, even when I am assisting a blind client to DIY I still ask for remote access with screen sharing at a minimum, but full remote control typically.

I may never touch a thing, but it helps me to make sure that what I'm telling someone to do, and what actually happens after they do it, are what I expect.  There are times when I give an incorrect directive, and there are times when the person being assisted does not follow a directive correctly even though they intended to.

My being able to actively monitor what's occurring using sight, since I happen to have it, is a bit of an insurance policy against unintended results.

I actually prefer, when I am taking control from my end, that a screen reader user keeps their screen reader on, as I like for it to narrate what's going on as I do it.  I can tune a screen reader out when I want to with ease, but I don't want the client to be unaware of what's going on, and I'll give added verbal information as needed.

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