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On Sat, Mar 6, 2021 at 01:44 PM, Marianne Denning wrote:
In an ideal world they would walk us through a nonvisual way to get the job done but I know that won’t happen any time in the near future.
The following is said with nary a trace of snark or insult intended:  Your version of "ideal world" and that of the majority who call help desks are at odds.

I try, and try, and try, to go the "teach a man/woman to fish" route at virtually every opportunity, whether the client happens to be sighted or not, because I, personally, would prefer to know how to fix something that might recur in the future without having to seek out help.  Most times, I am rebuffed.  I'm hired (or asked) to fix it and that's all that's wanted, the fix, with zero education involved.

I only wish your approach were more common.

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