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Bill White

Hi, Brian. I have hesitated to use Unchecky, because I don't always want all options unchecked. Does Unchecky give you the option to check some items, and leave others unchecked, or is it an across-the-board uncheck?


Bill White




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On Thu, Mar 4, 2021 at 09:08 PM, Bill White wrote:

unless you explicitly want any of the bundled software

And if you want a utility with a very light footprint that unchecks all this crap for you (at least the vast majority of the time), have look at Unchecky.  Even though I tend to be about as careful as anyone can be about unchecking "offers" for bundled software, if I get in a rush I can sometimes miss.  Unchecky has been an asset in keeping potentially unwanted programs off my computer for around 5 years now.

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