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I'm always receiving two copies of your messages.
What I just figured out is that the address for and are the same group.

I tried unsubscribing from the and got a message that I was unsubscribing from the
The moral of the story is, you only need to send your emails to one address.

I cannot help with the language pack issue.


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Subject: language pack question

Hi all,
I was able to install the language pack for Canadian English, but my dictionary language sometimes still shows up as US English even though I've changed it to Canadian English so many times it's not even funny. If I remove the US English language pack will this solve the problem, and how do I remove a language pack?
I went into options, but couldn't find anything and I couldn't get a context menu either. I'm running the latest build of Windows 10 and Jaws. Thanks for any help!!!

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