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John Covici

I found the free reader stops working after a while, I had to actually
pay, otherwise after a while it would not read anything.

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Stan Holdeman wrote:

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Thanks, Bill, for the tips about McAfee, etc.

Now, do I get this right? I will download the 7 day free trial of the Pro version. After 7 days I will decline the pro version and the free reader Is left.
I found this a bit confusing.


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The only thing I would advise is that, when you download Adobe Reader, unless you explicitly want any of the bundled software, uncheck the following items before downloading,

install the free McAfee Security Scan Plus utility to check the status of my PC security. It will not modify existing antivirus program or PC settings.
install McAfee Safe Connect to keep my online activities and personal info private and secure with a single tap.
Install the Acrobat Reader Chrome Extension By checking the above, I agree to the automatic installation of updates for Acrobat Reader Chrome Extension

Bill White<>

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Subject: adobe choice?

Listers: After a hard drive change, I need to download an adobe reader. As a jaws user is there some choice of reader that I should be aware of?

Maybe all Adobe readers are the same.

Thanks, Stan

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