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David Diamond

Shirley, like most agencies there are good agents and some that should be working somewhere else.  I’ve had some real darlings when calling the MS help desk.  One in particular kept phoning me when I was expecting a call from a higher department.  Then there was the one who said constantly, “You see the yellow X at the top of your screen, click on that.” I thought and almost vocalized, “What part of I’m blind are you not getting!” Thankfully these experiences are few and far between.  I’m also glad I read the post below this because I was going to give you the phone # you wanted.    


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Thanks, Annabelle,


It turns out the person who helped me before did not take out my previous Office. So Office 2019 was competing with my prior Office 2016, which already had issues.


Now it’s gone. I only have Office 2019.


I’m so glad for MS disability help line (or whatever they call it now).


And thanks to everyone else who responded. I had a file I had to deal with immediately, but couldn’t get to it. It’s all good now.

Shirley Tracy


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Hey Shirley!

The phone number for Microsoft Disability Answer Desk is 1-800-936-5900.

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Hi everyone,


Sorry to ask something so basic, but Microsoft did something overnight and now I cannot open files, including the file that contains the saved phone number for the disability hotline. Will someone please post it?


In case anyone on this list knows the answer to my problem, I’ll post it here:


This morning, every word file I tried to open first gave me the message, office Updating, please wait. Then, I got the message  WinWord error, cannot launch.


I need my documents ASAP.


Thank you for any help—especially with the phone number of Microsoft accessibility line.


Hope your day is going well.


Shirley Tracy



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