moderated Soliciting Donations of JAWS Dictionary Files (JDF)


Hello All,

         I'm in the process of trying to put together a JAWS JDF dictionary format to NVDA DIC dictionary format converter.  As a part of that effort, I'm asking for anyone who's willing to send me a copy of the JAWS JDF dictionaries they've put together.

         There is absolutely no nefarious intent here, none.  There are people using any given screen reader who've spent years putting together their own private dictionary files who'd like to have those available in other screen readers they'd like to use, and as things stand no one has scripts/add-ons/utilities that perform this function.

          If you feel like tossing a copy of your dictionary my way, please use the Reply to Sender link at the end of this message to send it to me off-list.  The last thing we need is a flood of copied and pasted JDF files landing in the inboxes of everyone on the group, mostly because they're just noise for those not doing what I'm trying to do.

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