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Hello Jim,

I’m using Jaws February 2021, and office 2019, but I haven’t come across the problem you described in outlook. However,

I’m having a kind of  a similar problem with Word. When I’m working in a document, all of a sudden, Jaws does not respond anymore, and  if I wait for Jaws to respond, after few second, Word crashes. So, when this happens, I quickly restart Jaws using control plus alt plus J. I can’t really tell if Jaws is causing the problem since  I haven’t tried out NVDA, but yesterday an update for Office was released, and I expected to fixed  this problem, but it didn’t…




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Sent: Tuesday, March 2, 2021 5:28 PM
Subject: Microsoft Office 2019 and latest Jaws


Heya folks,


Was just wondering if this is happening to anybody else with Microsoft Office 2019 and latest Jaws.


One out of 4 times I exit out of Outlook 2019, Outlook crashes and then pops up the dialog box to choose my email account I want loaded again. I have tested this with NVDA a couple of times and there’s no Outlook 2019 crash when using that screen reader.


Anybody else encounting this? Initially I thought an Outlook update may fix it but am more thinking now its Jaws causing it.


Am using windows 10 Pro, I’ve also created a new database as suggested in a forum but Outlook still crashes the same.


Any input or feedback from other Office 2019 users will be appreciated.








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