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Glenn / Lenny

I think that when they are plugged in all the time, the device manages the
battery properly.
I had a Dell laptop on a docking station at work, and rarely got taken off
the dock, and when I did, the battery did well.
For example, Humanware recommended, with the trekker breeze, to keep it
plugged in all the time by the window to maintain the connection to the
The nickel cadmium, and possibly the nickel metal hydrates as well had what
was called a memory, and if you didn't discharge them all the way, they
retained the partial charge getting to full as the capacity of the battery.


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This is not true anymore. Lithium ion batteries dont have a memory. It
is just the opposite.Keeping a Lithium Ion battery at 100% all the time
is not good for it.

On 3/2/2021 3:46 PM, Soronel Haetir wrote:
And note that this whole thing is a bad idea, Each time you run a
battery low (even if not to 0) the less charge it will be able to take
and so you will get less running time. Much better to run plugged in
if that is at all possible.

On 3/2/21, Mike B <> wrote:
There's a little program called Stascom that you can run in the
that yu can set to notify you of every 20% decrease of battery useage.
It'll also notify you of battery charging in 20%increments.

This little program has all kinds of neat features but, the one I like
most is you can set it to automatically maximize whatever window that

into focus. Check it out below.

What to know before installing the program

Please refer to the user guide, see the link further down, for

instructions. It is recommended that users of older versions of the
familiarise themselves with the changes implemented in 2017.1.7.

Automation for the following tasks, all features customisable
list of 5 items
• Sound recovery on default audio device, preventing mute status and low
volume. Recovery volume level configurable between 5 and 100 percent;
• day / night volume adjustment on a schedule, volume levels and time

• maximising of windows, option available for specifying window title
• time announcements on the hour, on the half and on the quarter hour,

with speech, chime only or disabled, all 24 hours configurable. Option to
specify user preferred chime sounds;
• all automated functions can be enabled or disabled, with detailed
configuration options available to suit individual needs.
list end

Individual hot keys for the following features
list of 10 items
• Open user guide in default browser;
• generate summary report of user settings;
• configuration window to specify user specific preferences for all
• temporarily unload program from memory;
• audio mixer input and output details;
• password generator, unique 10 character very strong password with each
• calculation of word count on selected text in any editor or virtual

rendered text;
• extensive alphabetic list of Windows basic and advanced settings and
• Increasing and decreasing master volume output with 5 percent

ascending / descending audio tones to indicate new level.
• Easily insert accented and other special characters in any editor.
list end

General program characteristics
list of 9 items
• Automatic online check for program updates, can be disabled if desired.
Manual check for updates option available;
• support for multiple user profiles on one system;
• status messages and time announcements via user preferred SAPI5 engine;
• user-friendly interface for changing SAPI5 voice parameters;
• support for same SAPI5 engine used with screen reader and program
• optimised for NVDA screen reader;
• included dictionary file for NVDA to translate emoji symbols;
• small footprint;
• comprehensive user guide in HTML format.
list end

Stay safe and take care. Mike.

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Jaws won't tell you unless someone has written a script, but Windows can
alert you if you go in the sound scheme settings, and make sure a sound

that you can actually hear is connected to the appropriate events, like
Critical battery and I think there is a low battery.
You just need to go through the events and find the appropriate ones for
your needs.


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On Mar 2, 2021, at 10:51 AM, JM Casey <> wrote:

I'm not sure about jaws specifically (I only use NVDA on my laptop) but
Windows should tell you when your battery is low. It may not give you a
*huge* amount of time/warning. Mine doesn't -- it's an old Lenovo
and I even got a supposedly fresh battery for it, but never have I ever
gottren satisfactory battery life out of the thing.

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Hi all,
I've decided that I should start using my laptop unplugged and only
it when I'm not using it, and well I know how to check the battery power
wondering will Jaws tell me when my battery is getting low or will I
have to keep checking? I'm using the latest Jaws and Windows 10. Thanks

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