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Richard Turner

Jaws won't tell you unless someone has written a script, but Windows can alert you if you go in the sound scheme settings, and make sure a sound file that you can actually hear is connected to the appropriate events, like Critical battery and I think there is a low battery.
You just need to go through the events and find the appropriate ones for your needs.


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On Mar 2, 2021, at 10:51 AM, JM Casey <> wrote:

I'm not sure about jaws specifically (I only use NVDA on my laptop) but
Windows should tell you when your battery is low. It may not give you a
*huge* amount of time/warning. Mine doesn't -- it's an old Lenovo Thinkpad
and I even got a supposedly fresh battery for it, but never have I ever
gottren satisfactory battery life out of the thing.

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Hi all,
I've decided that I should start using my laptop unplugged and only charge
it when I'm not using it, and well I know how to check the battery power I'm
wondering will Jaws tell me when my battery is getting low or will I just
have to keep checking? I'm using the latest Jaws and Windows 10. Thanks

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