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Richard Turner

I just updated FireFox and did a search from, my default page, for Price of Tea in China, and got good results that the latest version of Jaws 2021 read just fine.
I do not use google.


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I have had the same issue happen with both 2020 and 2021. I can initially navigate to a page, however, in the instance of Google, or another website that I am testing, when I enter text into a search field and do a search. The page loads and JAWS does not read anything, and indicates that there are no headings and links on the page, which is not possible.




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Well it would help if you told us what version of JAWS your running. I'm assuming your running the current version which is 86?

On 3/2/2021 10:53 AM, Joe DiNero wrote:

Hi everyone,


I have a question as I have not used Firefox in several weeks. There was an update this morning for Firefox, and since then JAWS is not reading pages properly, in fact, with the exception of the main Google page, it does not read any content at all. Is anyone else experiencing this?




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