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Gerald Levy

I am using both Google Chrome and MS Edge successfully with JAWS 2019 and Windows 7.  And while it is true that Windows 7 is somewhat vulnerable because it is no longer being supported, MSE database definitions are still updated every day and so this anti-virus program provides a reasonable level of protection. To be perfectly blunt,the small security risk of continuing to run Windows 7  as long as you follow safe surfing practices outweighs the bigger risk of having your computer screwed up or even losing speech altogether by a bad Windows 10 feature update.  Almost without exception, every Windows 10 feature update has caused problems for blind computer users, and feature update 21H1 will soon be released.  Who knows what havoc it may wreak? 


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Google Chrome definitely works on Windows 7 systems as long as you have a fairly recent version of Jaws and I am almost certain that you can also install Edge on a Windows 7 system.

Of course it is not all that advisable to use Windows 7 any more since you get no more updates and as time goes by there will be more and more security risks.



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thenk but it will not work on window 7



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you can also try all tab in case it's open the link in a new tab. And also fire fox isn't necessarily the greatest anymore. I would try the new Microsoft edge or chrome or brave anything  but firefox. basically any other chromium-based browser.

Randy Barnett

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Try the Backspace key.




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I'm using window 7, fire fox, Jaws 21


I have little hard time with firefox it hare to move but when I use website and want to back the website I was from firefox ask me to humm can't remember what is saying so I can not go back one  but only remove all that I usally use alt and left arrow and it will not go back one  so is there another hotkey or what can I do

I usally use internet  explored that will stop later and I do not  like firefox it hard to use it


any idea?

thanks Rosie



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