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Google Chrome definitely works on Windows 7 systems as long as you have a fairly recent version of Jaws and I am almost certain that you can also install Edge on a Windows 7 system.

Of course it is not all that advisable to use Windows 7 any more since you get no more updates and as time goes by there will be more and more security risks.



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thenk but it will not work on window 7



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you can also try all tab in case it's open the link in a new tab. And also fire fox isn't necessarily the greatest anymore. I would try the new Microsoft edge or chrome or brave anything  but firefox. basically any other chromium-based browser.

Randy Barnett

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Try the Backspace key.




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I'm using window 7, fire fox, Jaws 21


I have little hard time with firefox it hare to move but when I use website and want to back the website I was from firefox ask me to humm can't remember what is saying so I can not go back one  but only remove all that I usally use alt and left arrow and it will not go back one  so is there another hotkey or what can I do

I usally use internet  explored that will stop later and I do not  like firefox it hard to use it


any idea?

thanks Rosie



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