Moderated Another MS Word question, JAWS saying zoom in/out

Loreal Lavigna

OK so since my last question went so well here’s another one.  I have to be able to accurately get a word count with my documents for one particular client.  I can have documents with as few as 100 words or as many as 15,000 words.  It used to be that when I opened a document I could immediately on opening the document use the JAWS key combination of JAWS Key plus Page Down and get the page and word counts.  Now JAWS says “page one of” however many pages followed by “spelling and grammar check no errors.”  How do I get it to continue saying the word count in the document instead of using the virtual ribbon and layered menus?  I know I can always do alt, R, P for proofing, then W for word count.  From there I have to enable to virtual cursor and get the word count from the dialogue that pops up.  Any suggestions on how to make this process a bit faster and go back to the way JAWS used to say things?  Should I turn off the spelling and grammar checker as documents are being typed?  Does that even have any effect on what I’m doing/attempting to do?



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