moderated Re: Am I in forms mode?

Udo Egner-Walter

Hi Mark & list members,

no problem, I will support a download link soon and writing a "read me" file with installation instructions.

Meanwhile can someone please help me out? I'm not using the English version of JAWS. I can change the language in JAWS and getting the English names of menus and controls but if I select the "Utilities" entry in menu bar and the "Explore Utilities Folder" JAWS will open an Explorer window with file links. This file links are not in English and I don't know the exact name of a particular file link opening the settings folder. It must be something similar to "Explore my settings". Can someone please tell me the exact name so I can write it down in the "Read me" file? And for my records there is a file link also leading to script folder, I think it must be something similar to "Explore my scripts". Can someone please tell me the exact name as well?

Thanks in advance

Am 28.02.2021 um 13:31 schrieb Mark <mweiler@...>:

Hi Udo, if you would share the script and how to install it, that would be greatly appreciate. I think it would be fine to share on this list. Scripts are part of enhancing the JAWS experience.

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