moderated Color Picker in Word 2016

Mike B.

Hi All,
I updated to Office 2016 Pro and I'm setting up the default, normal.dotm, Word file for the way I want it.  I've pretty much have it done except for the text color!  This color picker is a total pain in the A**!  LOL 
I want to set the text color to black but, I can find just about any color except black!  I can't seem to get any colors to be read by Jaws on the Standard or Custom pabs and when activating the More colors button I seem to be back into the same colors loop.
Can any of you give me some tips on navigating this damn color picker or, is there some kind of trick for getting to the color black?  All help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks mooy moocho.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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