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JM Casey

Hey guys.

My usual method, rather than searching from the “start search” box, is to go into the drive or folder I know the file is located, hit f3 (which really just moves my cursor two tab positions back from the list view) and type in the search term. It works flawlessly, most of the time, and is really fast at least on my internal drives (both HDD and SSD).


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Personally, if you do a lot of searching by file name I'd strongly suggest at some point that you download and install Search Everything from

But, it's a simple matter to use Windows search as well.  For instance, if you know you want to search only your C: drive and are looking for something that starts with the name "Tom" and has a plain text (txt) file extension, after hitting the Windows Key, or hopping into the search box, enter:

C: Tom*.txt

The drive letter designation is only necessary if you have multiple indexed drives and want to limit the search to one of them.  Otherwise, all indexed drives will be searched.

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