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Ashleigh Piccinino

I would download from Apple itself. It seems to work better/you’ll also get the little thing which will make sure your software’s up-to-date with Apple products/product is called Apple Software Update. Just download from Apple.

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Can you tell me which other apps I should uninstall from my computer regarding iTunes before I download the iTunes app from the Microsoft store?  I’ve seen Bonjour on this computer but didn’t know what it was.  I currently don’t have iTunes installed on my computer but had it on a previous one.  Thank you for any assistance.







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Hi John, 


You wrote: 


I think that was not the correct place to download the itunes

applications, just go to and download the installer from there and maybe you'd get a better idea.


There are two versions of iTunes available. The newest one is the iTunes app you can download from Microsoft Store. You can still download the older one from the Apple homepage, that's right, but this version - at least as far as I know - will not developed further any more. So sooner or later you will be forced to change to the new app 


You've probably heard of Windows 10 S, the OS version allowing only installations of apps from Microsoft Store. In this article: 



you can read that Windows 10 S was leading Apple to develop the Microsoft Store version. By the way, the benefit of using the app from Microsoft Store is a clean install. If you install the old native app you will get services from Apple installed too, for example Bonjour. 


Because all of this I tried the Microsoft Store app first. 


Best wishes 





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