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Hi, I believe that what you really want to do is to mute some keys when performing a keystroke.
In order to select what keys should be spoken by Jaws, you can do as follows:
1. Open settings center, and press control plus shift plus d.
2. In the tree view, go to the following location:
keyboard, general, manage key labels, and open this last option by pushing space bar.
3. The manage key lables dialogue will pop up, so you can go through a list of keys using up and down arrows.
4. To taggle between speak and mute, hit space bar.
5. The key label that you are looking for is a bit tricky since you may think that the key is control, but in this list,
The key that will have a real effect on the control key is under the name ModifiedPrintable. So this key label must be muted
If you want Jaws not to speak this key.

Leo Bado.

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I have set my JAWS verbosity to intermediate in settings center and I am trying to figure out how to eliminate the announcement of my pressing control n in Outlook or a windows d to get to the desktop.
Is there an option I should check?
Thank you in advance for any responses.

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