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Mike B.

Hi Cynthia,
This was a supposed fix in the latest February update, see below:
• Resolved an issue where the Avoid Speech Cut Off feature stopped working when using the Sound Cards  option in the JAWS Utilities menu to switch to
another sound device.
Open your Settings Center default all applications
Type, avoid, in the search field and allow a couple of seconds for the results to pop-up.
You should have only 1 result, Avoid speech cutoff when using bluetooth....
Make sure this is checked, and if it's already check, you could try unchecking it to see if anything changes as well.
I didn't have any problems with a bluetooth headset but, I did have a problem losing speech all together after this update and checking that checkbox seemed to clear up my loss of speech issue.

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 2:17 PM
Subject: JAWS and Bluetooth headphones again

Hello Everyone,


I have encountered an issue with JAWS and my Bluetooth headphones again, and it seems to have happened right after I installed the February update to JAWS 2021. I am using Windows 10, and Jabra evolve Bluetooth headphones. Before, my issue was that I lost speech when using zoom, but I managed to trouble shoot that problem by changing soundcards when using JAWS. Now, when I turn on my headset, I lose speech everywhere. Does anyone know anything about this? If not, can I uninstall the latest update?


Many thanks,



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