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JM Casey

Maybe. Would be interesting to see it tried. I personally feel it wouldn’t’ be fast enough and result in a fairly unpleasant experience, but I’m not really certain.

Despite the lack of sync-up (I don’t know how or if that can be done), having a braille display with a text file loaded (srt) still seems the best choice to me, personally. Trouble is, you’d have trouble finding new content this way. I’m ok with it because I mostly watch old cult films. Lol

That said I did want to watch the series Dark in German because the english dubbing is horrendous to me (although interestingly, my german friend didn’t find it so).


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You could always use the iPhone, maybe Android to read it with the app Seeing AI.

You would need a clamp to hold the phone in front of the TV.

They do make bendable clamps for holding phones.

I would think it would need to be plugged in for power backup if watching an entire movie.


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Subject: Accessing video subtitles with JAWS


Earlier today a friend of mine phoned me up to ask me about how JAWS interacts with the subtitles on videos: both standalone video files that play in apps like VLC, and videos that run in websites like YouTube.


I know that without very quick OCR, JAWS would always struggle with subtitles that are "burnt in" to a video. But what about subtitles that are included as a text file along with the video? Can JAWS access these, and somehow synchronise them with a video as it plays?


In speaking to my friend it struck me that this isn't something I've ever done, and that I don't know how to do it. My friend wants to know because he produces educational videos for a publishing company, and he wants to make them more accessible. It also occurs to me that having JAWS read out subtitles could be used to create a form of audio description.


Do any of you know how to do this?



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