Moderated Re: Is some script set besides "Symphony" better to use with Libre Office?


On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 03:30 PM, JM Casey wrote:
JAWS is based almost entirely on its scripts.
This cannot be stated often enough.  A huge amount of JAWS functionality is not a part of its core code, but of scripts.

There's nothing wrong with this model, but if you stripped JAWS of the script sets it ships with, you'd not have anything you recognize as JAWS.

By the way, scripts generally only need to be updated if something "entirely new" is put into the user interface.  And by that I don't mean a new bell or whistle that's in an existing control set, as that just adds an item that would be traversed and accessed like all the other ones.  Many scripts for many things, though not all, will not receive frequent updates because they don't need them.

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