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On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 11:43 PM, Mike B wrote:
So, you're saying that I can copy / paste the, normal.dotm, file that I've created manually for 2010 into the same file path below and use it in 2016?
Yes.  Copy it somewhere, anywhere that you know where it is.

Uninstall Office 2010.  Install Office 2016.  Delete fresh Normal.dotm that was created by the install.  Copy your backup copy of Normal.dotm back to your user, AppData, Roaming, Microsoft, Templates.

By the way, if you open a new blank file in word, and do a Save As, one of the file type options is dotx, document template.  If you do that save, the dotx will end up in the same folder as Normal.dotm.  This actually drives me crazy, and I always move my DOTX files out to folders that are related to what I created that template for.  I have lots of templates for envelopes, letters with letterhead, and similar.  I also use them for fillable MS-Word forms, where activating the DOTX file creates a "blank" version of the fillable form with the various form fields you fill out. 

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