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Marty Hutchings

I don’t know if this still works, but it did when I could still see.  Type the address then select all of it by hitting Shift + Down Arrow once for each line of the address.  Then press Tab and the whole address should move across the page as you keep pressing the Tab Key until it bumps against the Right margin.  If you go to far, new lines will appear.  Just press Shift Tab until the original number of lines in your address are present.
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Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 4:29 PM
Subject: Right alignment

I was working on a business letter and I needed to right align my address. When I use ctrl R to right align each line aligns to the right margin but I want them to align at the left edge of the address. Is there a way to easily to this? I tabbed a certain number of times each line and that works but I hope there is an easier way.

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