moderated Re: creating a short-cut

Soronel Haetir

With firefox

(1) with the link in question focused bring up the context menu then
choose "Copy link location",
(2)on the desktop click on an area not occupied by an icon, bring up
the context menu and select New->Shortcut
(3) It may not be focused but there will now be a "Create shortcut"
wizard, in the target edit field hit ctrl+v to paste the saved link,
then give it a name in the name field and hit the Finish button.

On 2/22/21, Madison Martin <> wrote:
Hi all,
Can someone please tell me how to create a shortcut for a website so that I
put it on my desktop? I know how to do this for programs, but I've never
done it
for a website. Running the latest versions of Edge and Jaws and the latest
of Windows 10. Thanks Madison

Soronel Haetir

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