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just a wild guess...

and regarding the keno game, might you be meaning something like yuno by spoonbill

regarding the omni site, could you by chance mean

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From: Morey Worthington []
Date: Monday, February 22, 2021, 4:41 PM
Subject: Looking for Game
Hi all.

Looking for a free gaming game called "Keno" which is screen reader

I have the Kitchens Inc Casino, but no Keno.

I have an Iphone, not good at all with it,and a desktop computer using
Jaws 2021.

If need be, is there a App called Keno          from somewhere like
apple which is screen reader friendly, which I may try to waddle my way

Many years ago   there was a site  which is  no longer screen reader
friendly, called OMNI which jaws was friendly. with.  Also

There was one available from , pardon me on this...Maybe PCI, or
something like that, but that has folded down.

Any thoughts by you fellow gamers, on where or how?


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