Moderated Re: Why does JAWS think the scripts for LibreOffice are "Symphony?"

Jason White

I think the original program was StarOffice, released by Sun Microsystems as OpenOffice, and then IBM created a proprietary version called Symphony. I expect the scripts were originally written for that version.

On 19/2/21 6:37 pm, JM Casey wrote:

It’s probably a generic set of scripts named for Lotus Symphony, a discontinued suite (I think) from IBM on which Libre and Open Office *may* have based some code.


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Subject: Why does JAWS think the scripts for LibreOffice are "Symphony?"




I am using JAWS 2020, Windows 10 and LibreOffice 7.1.  I wanted to adjust a particular setting while using LibreOffice.  Therefore I pressed JAWSKey+6.  When Settings Center opened, it thinks I am using the scripts for “Symphony.”  There is not a script set for LibreOffice, and I do not have “Symphony”; whatever that is.  Why is this?  How, or should, I go about creating a whole new settings scheme for a new application I will call “LibreOffice?"




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