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On Sun, Feb 21, 2021 at 02:09 PM, JM Casey wrote:
the object of content providers is going to be finding cleverer and better
ways of making sure we do see the ads, moving forward.
And the ad-blockers keep adding new tricks to block as well.

I have never, for a single second, felt the slightest bit of guilt about ad blocking.  Content providers should be paid, much like newspapers were, for having placed the ad combined with a visit count for the page.  In print media, one was never guaranteed that what was circulated meant that there would be literal eyes-on for the advertising in that media.  Payment was for placement and the amount determined by circulation.  Now, in cyberspace, circulation can be calculated as page hits.  But the fact that someone visits a page should be enough.

I have every right not to download anything to my computer that I do not wish to download.  And given the intrusive nature of online advertising, that's why I block it.  Since I can see, the incessant blinking, scrolling, animation, etc., etc., that goes with online advertising is the worst kind of visual clutter that distracts from my primary purpose for being anywhere.  If much or most of it did not behave in that manner, I'd probably never have started using an ad blocker to begin with.  Stuff that just sits quietly in it's own little box that the content flows around can be easily ignored, but that style was getting increasingly infrequent.

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