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JM Casey

F9 always is what worked for me to enter reader view in Firefox. It still
works now.

It's necessary for people to understand the other side when it comes to ad
blockers, browser ad filtering, etc.
The creators of websites, and providers of information thereon, make most of
their money from ad revenue -- therefore even though the experience of an
adless internet life is pleasant for us (and I use uBlock Origin myself),
the object of content providers is going to be finding cleverer and better
ways of making sure we do see the ads, moving forward. So some of these
solutions may not work always and forever.

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Subject: Re: reading without ads

Once upon a time, control+alt+r in Firefox would put it in reader view that
tried to do that.
I've pretty much been using Edge for a couple of years, so I do not know if
that works now.

I use the Jaws marking the start of a section I want to copy, go to the end,
use the select between marked place and current location and copy.
Then, I paste into a text editor like NoteTab Pro and edit out the junk.
Set mark is control+windows+k.
At the end, insert+space, then m, then control c to copy.


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Subject: reading without ads

in reading articles from a website using Chrome and Firefox, are there any
extensions that filters out those pesky ads that may be included in the
article. on occasion, I also would want to copy from the article.
please don't tell me to go look up what's available. I'm interested in
asking the experts which one for each browser works well with JAWS or NVDA.

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