moderated Re: reading without ads

Chris Hill

Well, nothing is going to get them all, because most add-ons are looking for things that don't come from the website your reading, and some will host ads natively.  I've been using adblockplus for years on any browser I can.  It stops a lot of them, especially if you set it to show no ads.  You may have to turn it off, unfortunately, to view the pages on some websites.  I keep edge without an ad blocker, and then if I need to read a site that won't let me I just bring it up in edge.


On 2/21/2021 12:02, Mario wrote:
in reading articles from a website using Chrome and Firefox, are there any extensions that filters out those pesky ads that may be included in the article. on occasion, I also would want to copy from the article.
please don't tell me to go look up what's available. I'm interested in asking the experts which one for each browser works well with JAWS or NVDA.

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