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I used Eset for a couple of years, but found that it slowed down my pc, and became very unaccessible.

Now i'm quite happy with windows defender.

Why put out for an expensive anti virus when windows defender works just as well, and is very accessible.


On 20/02/2021 15:47, Richard Turner wrote:
I have found no good reason to change from using Windows Defender.
So long as it is all turned on, and one uses basic common sense, it works great!
I used to pay for Eset, until Windows 10 and Windows Defender came along not to mention the accessibility went down the tubes.
I've never had a virus, and it has caught suspicious software the few times I've downloaded something that wasn't safe.
Why spend money when it isn't necessary.


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I use exactly the same config you do, and am pretty happy with it.

On 2/19/21, Phillip Gross <> wrote:
The subject line kind of says it all doesn't it? I've been using the
combination of MalwareBytes Premium and Windows Defender for a couple
of years. It's time to renew the Malwarebytes subscription and I
figured I would revisit my options.

From what I've learned Eset may or may not be accessible. People on
here say it isn't. Their website gives instructions on installing a
screen reader compatibility file to make it work with NVDA or JAWS. I
lean towards taking the word of the screen reader users who have actually used it.

Trend Micro and Bit Defender May or may not be accessible. There is a
government agency in Texas, I can't remember which one, that signed an
agreement for a 3rd party vender to provide them with software. This
vender provides Trend Micro and Bit Defender. This agency says it
won't use software that isn't accessible. We all know how much those
statements are worth.

I know the good and bad points of MalwareBytes and Windows Defender.

Having said all of that what do you recommend, what do you use, how
accessible is it, and what do and don't you like about it? Thanks in

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