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paul lemm



For what it’s worth I personally use Viper, it’s a paid anti-virus solution, but I’ve found it to be fairly accessible. There are a few things which don’t work perfectly, but on the whole I’ve found it more accessible than some other paid solutions I’ve tried which are out there (like Bitdefender etc). I do have to confess though honestly I don’t really often have to physically open the program and use it. mainly if I want to start or stop a scan, turn off the firewall  or for some reason want to exit viper I can do this all from its menu options from the windows system tray, but the few times I have had to open up the program I’ve been able to navigate ok, but again, I haven’t really played around with many of its more advanced features. I don’t notice any slow down when its scanning, but by the same token I have a  fairly decent PC,  so not sure how it might  be on a slower system. The other observation is when it is scanning, if you open the program you can see it is performing a scan, but you can’t see  how far through the scan it currently is. I saw a post on another forum where another screen reader user said that they are apparently very open to accessibility feedback too.




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Unfortunately I am away from home now and can’t pull up that report. I can tell you that it was the week of Christmas, not much was going on, and I hadn’t downloaded much.

Also, something I found interesting for people who use browsers other than Edge or possibly old versions of IE. The malware protection of Windows defender doesn’t extend to other browsers.

Anyway, this is an argument that has been played out on this list many times. Perhaps I phrased my question incorrectly when I asked people what they liked. I was most concerned about the accessibility of different solutions. I have used defender and I know how it works. I am not ruling out continuing to use defender. What I am doing is saying, “hey, It’s been a while. Maybe I should look at all of my solutions and see what would work best for me at this point and time.” I’m glad people like it. I’m glad it’s come a long way since I first played with it 10 or so years ago. And believe it or not I’m really not trying to attack someone’ else’s product of choice.

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