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Hi Mike,


Sorry, it was the original topic.

When jaws starts up, you cannot get at the menus.

You have to unload and reload it.

When jaws is set to start at the logon screen and to start for this user, insert+j or any other key is not available to get at the menus.

When you unload and reload it, it works just fine.

When I started the topic, I had a huge rant about it!!

You will see it from the start.

It doesn’t happen to everyone, in fact, I have only found two other people that it happens to.

Nevertheless, it is a bug, and should be fixed, given the amount of money we pay for the product.

As you can see from my previous post, this has been confirmed by Vispero.


Regards and stay safe,





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It would be nice to know what problem is being talked about.  Refresher please?

Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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you will see below, that after two versions of jaws, (2020 and 2021), vispero has eventually admitted, that this problem in fact, does exist.
apparently, they are looking into it.

below is the email i got from Cory jackson at vispero, after poking and prodding forever.

the squeaking wheel always gets the grease.



email below:

Hello Patrick,
I find what you have discovered about this issue very intresting.
Would it be possible for you to run the technical support tool under the Jaws help menu in order to send us a report so that we can look in to this further?
This is not the first time I have seen the issue. I actually experience it myself.
Cory Jackson

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