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JM Casey

I usually just go to the podcasts websites and download them from there.

Many that don’t have an obvious link for locally downloading episodes are available on podbay, which does.

I’m sure you’ll get lots of recommendations for youtube downloaders..specifically one programme in particular that always seems to be a topic of discussion on blind tech/screen-reader mailing lists, Pontes Media Downloader – I don’t use it and I don’t bother downloading content from youtube, generally.


As for podcasts – that would depend on your interests. But some of the ones I listen to include:


Projection Booth (probably the best film cast on the internet; for true cinephiles and people interested in the stories behind famous and infamous films, some mainstream, many not)


the B Movie Cast (a bunch of friendly and funny people ramble about a lot of stuff including great classic cult movies for hours),


Conspiracy Theory Podcast (just what it says on the tin, really)


The paranoid Strain (kind of like the aforementioned, but very in-depth – debunks some of the most heinous and weird conspiracy nonsense out there with extensive research, and some humour)


Behind the Bastards (the host and his guests, usually comedians or other podcasters, go to town on some of the worst people in history – dictators, politicians, white collar criminals, historical figures, fascists, etc -- some terrific research here as well, but the left-wing or even somewhat anarchist slant might put some people off.)


Sword an d Scale (a “true rime” podcast, quite a production with lots of audio clips and such – the host can say the damnedest thigns sometimes, but I agree with him at least most of the time and anyway, the stories can be pretty rivetting. It gets heavy so not for the easily bothered.)


Some science fiction literature and TV-related podcasts.



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Hello Everyone,

First, I use iTuneswith Jaws 2021. It is somewhat accessible in my opinion, I need to learn more about how to use the built-in keyboard commands.

Since iTunes has been one of the topics this week, I would like to ask what are everyone’s favorite podcasts to listen to?

Also, I know you get some kind of software to download YouTube, can anyone provide what software to use and how to grab selections from YouTube?

Jeff Lukacsena


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