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paul lemm


I'm not sure why people are saying iTunes isn't accessible, although it may
not be the best layout for a screen reader, as far as I'm aware its fully
accessible. I don't use it much and maybe there are features I'm not using
which aren't accessible, but I can add music to the library, create
playlists, transfer music to my iphone and manage my iPhone from within
itunes all without any sighted assistance using only jaws. I know others
have already suggested using shift and tab to navigate, also F6 and shift F6
are two other really handy keystrokes which move you between sections.
Rather than having to cycle through each option as you do when tabbing, F6
quickly moves you from one section to another, meaning less key presses to
navigate between different sections of the program.

Paul Lemm

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Hi yes you are all correct apple has made no attempts to make their itues
software accessible with JAWS!

One solution I would do if you have aira is have them help you by having
aira log into the computer with team viewer and then telling the aria agent
what you ant to do for example moving music from widnwos into itues and then
having them transfer it to your iphone or ipdad.

I know most of you want to do thsi independently but Apple will not make any
changes to their program.

Unfortunately, if you have a mac then it works properly, howveer most people
wnat a pc and they should make changes to. I wonder if we should all write
apple and demand they fix this.

I know the NFB sued apple for accessability and maybe it's time for that to
hapen again or the acb necds to put a fire uncder them!

I hope this heops.

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